Rent a Car Archangelos Rhodes

Archangelos is a village still married to its traditional way of life. Quite a contrast from the other tourist locations, you will find a very traditional aspect of Rhodes lifestyles here which is interesting to know in its own respect. You will get a chance to know how was the bread baked in old style wood-fired ovens since these are still functional at Archangelos. The traditional forms of art and craft are also kept alive by the people who use the age old skills to create the same. The breeds of horses that were used to thresh the grains can still be seen on the slopes of the nearby Mount Strongylos. Similarly, if you are curious about the way marriages used to be held, you can even get to see the same here.  The 19th century church of Archangel Michael and the colourfully painted traditional houses lend it charisma. The cave of Koumellos, famous for its stalactites, is also worth a visit.

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