Makriyanni and Koukaki (Acropolis Area)

Koukaki - Makrigianni (Near the Acropolis)

Makriyanni and Koukaki (Acropolis Area)Makriyanni and Koukaki are two beautiful neighborhoods close to Acropolis. In these two neighborhoods you can enjoy the hospitality of taverns with original Greek dishes and beautiful small cafes offering iced coffee next to the unique vibes of the Acropolis and its museum. Do not miss the magnificent walk in the pedestrian of Dionissiou Areopagitou and Apostolou Pavlou that pass by the Acropolis, the theater of Herod Atticus and the Hill of Filopapou, the Pnyka, the hill of the Muses and the world famous summer movie theater "Thision" The area around the Acropolis has something magical that will surely fascinate every visitor.

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