Akrotiri Archaeological Site

On the South West of the island Akrotiri was  a Minoan  colony and the center of a great civilization that came to its best time during the late 16th century BC. A prehistoric city wonderfully saved for more than 3,500 years under the lava and ashes of the volcano, was found in 1967 from Professor Spyridon Marinatos.

The excavations revealed signs of a glorious civilization, evidence that there lived a highly sophisticated and organized economic society with advanced civilization, architecture, arts like paintings (spectacular frescoes) and pottery. Akrotiri is the best preserved ancient city in the Aegean Sea on the ruins of which the visitor can walk and feel the breeze of the ancient time.

Within walking distance from the archaeological site of Akrotiri under towering red cliffs stretches the Red Beach with red sand and pebbles. Traveler’s can access the beach by car or on foot (500 meters distance  rom Akrotiri).  The red beach can also be reached by boat departing from Akrotiri.

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