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About 55 kms south of the Rhodes City lies the picturesque town of Lindos which is also a prominent archaeological site on the Rhodes Island. It offers tourists an insight into its past and scenic beach locations for vacationing and merrymaking. Founded by the  Dorian king Tlepolemus about the 10th century BC, it was a major trading centre of those times. This ancient acropolis was a natural fortress for the inhabitants of those times and it rises above the modern city. This ancient fortress has been successively fortified by the people who have lived here over different periods of time.

The Temple of Athena Lindia, the Propylaea of the Sanctuary, the Hellenistic Stoa and the rock cut relief of the Rhodian Trieme are some of the wonders of the times dating before the birth of Christ. The Castle of the Knights of St John and the Church of St John are some of the other famous landmarks of the city.

Even as you revisit the history of this place, do not miss out on enjoying the warm sands and indulging in water sporting activities. The narrow, paved lanes of the city are free from vehicles. so, you either explore it on foot or enjoy  your ride on the donkeys to reach there. The nightlife is not so vibrant as at some other tourist hot-spots of island but the village gets beautifully lit up in night. There are a couple of bars and clubs that remain open all through the night. All in all, Lindos is a very serene place for relaxing and unwinding yourself.

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