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Centered on the famous Crescent - shaped harbor, with lots of windmills standing over the top of the hill the town of  Myconos has its own sole charm with white washed houses, monuments and churches, stairs and narrow streets ending to the traditional port one of the most famous spots in Greece.

Travelers from all over the world often including celebrities, walk around Mykonos Town every hour of day and night, feeling the breeze of the sea and enjoying the energetic nightlife that fulfils the soul and body of every visitor of Mykonos Island.

Little Venice is one of the most famous meeting points of the island, a neighborhood built next to the sea with tall colored houses and an elegant style atmosphere. People of all ages meet and rejoice at the cocktail bars a few steps from the sea waves and the salty waters of the Aegean.

Mykonos town has remarkable places to visit and learn about the history of the island that started  the 6th and 7th century. Visitors can witness objects found in excavations all around the island and Delos testifying the way of life in ancient time.

The Archeological Museum, which is in a neoclassical bulding south of the ferry port, hosts lots of Roman and Hellenistic carvings, ceramics and amphoras, jewelry and gravestones, found in the area and the archeological site of Delos.

The folk museum is in a sea-captain’s mansion and contains several exhibits such as ceramics, embroideries, ancient and modern Mykonian textiles. This museum is one of the most supreme in Greece and is located in the Kastro, the oldest site of the town.

The maritime museum of the Aegean is located at the end of Matogianni. Visitors can admire nautical themes such as paintings, coins of 5th century, a collection of model ships starting from the Preminoan times and other instruments.

Lena’s house is besides the Maritime museum, housed in a mansion and this is a place that highlights the habits and daily routine of  a bygone era showing the life of Lena Skirianou, a Mykonian lady who lived there in 19th century.

Painting has its own place, in the Municipal Art Gallery on Matogianni where works of  Greek, local and international artists are exhibited.

Close to the traditional port is Plateia Mavrogenous, a square dedicated to Manto Mavrogenous a  heroic woman that has been awarded  with the rank of a Greek Army General for her catalytic participation during the War of Independence against the Turks in 1821.

From the old port of  Mykonos Town, travelers can take one of the taxi boats and reach the island of Delos, a small island known as one of the greatest classical archeological sites of the Mediterranean.

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