Santorinni General Information

Having a story like a fairytale, rich archaeological interest and exclusive environment attractions, the island of Santorini is something that someone has to live.

The landscape forms breathtaking layers of  red rock and black sand beaches, masterpiece effects of  the volcanic eruptions over centuries.

Steep cliffs that are lost within the caldera and a circular area of sea surrounded by rocks 150 up to 350 meters high create a stunning location.

The island has a mild climate and the summer is usually cool.

The activity of the volcano has created a particularly fertile ground that produces agriculture goods renowned for their taste and quality.

The local wine is excellent and especially the world famous 'Nichteri' produced from over ripped grapes aged in oak barrels for more than 3 months.

Other well known local products are the delicious cherry type tomatoes, sweet white eggplants, bush growing caper from the cliffs of caldera and the sweet fava bean a special variety that excavations in the Akrotiri area show that this type of bean existed on the island since 3.500 years ago.

Although the quantities produce are small the agriculture products of Santorini are considered to be a gourmet speciality and are exported all over the world.

The population of the island is 14,000 inhabitants  most of them  mainly engaged in occupations related to tourism as  Santorini nowadays is one of the most popular destinations and hosts thousands of tourists from around the world who come and visit it again and again.

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