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Car rental in Greece : 5 crucial tips for first timers

5 crucial tips for first timers

Truth be told, the only way to explore a destination is by renting a car. Especially in Greece, where the public transportation is not so advanced as in other European countries, by car you can discover beauties you could not ever imagine. However, car rental in Greece seems for many travellers something difficult and full of dangers. If it is your first time in Greece, you may wonder if there are some important tips you should know before hiring a car. Well, in fact there are. And we reveal them to you!

Car rental in Greece : 5 crucial tips for first timers

Airport surcharges

Many rental companies in Greece charge extra pick up and drop off from the airport. Definitely, the convenience is worth the fee, but remember that it is a pity to pay more when you can find companies that don’t charge anything. Free airport pick up and drop off is ideal to avoid the extra cost of a taxi, and it is an offer you should ask when renting a car in Greece.

Check your insurance

If you have your own car insurance back home, it may cover collision damage and personal liability for a rental car. Plus, some credit cards provide primary insurance. Check it before buying an insurance package, and you can thus save a lot of money.

Return the car with a full tank

Gasoline and diesel are unfortunately expensive in Greece, more expensive than in Spain, Italy or Germany. Therefore, many travellers avoid filling the tank before returning the car. This might seem convenient, but it will give you an extra charge as the last memory from Greece. If you got the car with a full tank in it, we advise you return it full. Otherwise, you will be charged with a rate that is higher than the actual gasoline.

Book online

If you walk off the airplane with the thought that you are immediately going to find the best rate in a car rental in the airport, you will be disappointed in less than a minute. What you will find outside your gate, are extremely high rates, low variety in vehicles and long queues of travellers, who had the same idea with you. On the other hand, if you book your car online, you will explore the lowest rates and the greatest variety of cars. Plus, you can pick up your car at the airport without wasting your time waiting.

Stick to one driver

Most rental companies charge additional driver fees if you want to add a second driver. This is necessary in destinations with long distances, but most Greek islands have short distances. Thus, it is easy for one driver to make the road trip and drive from one beach to another. The largest Greek island in Greece is Crete but still, if you stay in only one prefecture, such as Chania, like most travellers do, you don’t have to drive for more than one hour to get even to the remotest beach.

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