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POSTED ON: March, 18 2022

Exploring the best wineries near Athens, Greece

Lovers of wine are always on the lookout for wineries — and who are we to blame them? Visiting a winery is one of the best experiences for those who know how to pick their wine, but also for those who are just looking to spend some time in nature, get to try new delicious wines, and indulge in the magic of vineyards. If you are visiting Athens, make sure to stop at some nearby wineries and get to discover the amazing taste and aroma of the local wines.

You just need to book a visit, hop in a car with your family and friends and explore the best wineries near Athens, Greece. They are just an hour away from the center of Athens by car and are ideal for a weekend getaway full of knowledge, beautiful images, and even better taste and aromas.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wineries near Athens Greece that we definitely recommend you to visit. Make sure you rent a car from Kosmos Car Rental to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip to the wineries.

Ktima Kokotou, Stamata

ktima kokotou

In 1980, George and Anna Kokotou created a vineyard of 70 acres with the internationally famous varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay. Their goal was to create wines of premium quality. Ktima Kokotou in Stamata is a very popular winery located in a gorgeous area near Athens and offers wine tasting experiences as well as other events. For example, you can spend time in the herb garden, harvest honey and grapes, wine tasting nights, art events, pic nics, children events with environmentalists, even charities. You can check the events schedule on their Facebook page, but make sure to book a spot early enough, as it’s pretty crowded.

Before you leave, you must definitely buy some wine. Tris Parades is an aromatic white wine that we recommend or their own label red wine which is considered to be one of the best Cabernet Sauvignons in Attica. 

Ktima Papagiannakou, Markopoulo

ktima papagiannatou

This is considered one of the best wineries in Athens, Greece. Rent your car from Kosmos Car Rental and visit Ktima Papagiannakou in Markopoulo. This winery blends in perfectly with the area, but at the same time it uses state-of-the-art technology to produce wines. The environmental friendly approach they follow makes the winery extremely sophisticated and popular. It is built in stone, wood, and glass, making it a treat for the eye. You can host events or parties there, or attend wine tasting events they organize regularly. The wine tours are fantastic and visitors can get a full understanding of the process of wine making without interrupting it. Don’t forget to book a spot early enough.

Make sure you buy their new age Retsina wine, or the sweet wine of their brand made from Malagouzia.

Ktima Chatzimihali, Atalanti

ktima hatzimixalis

Just an hour away from Athens by car, you can experience all what Ktima Chatzimihali has to offer. This winery is considered to be revolutionary when it comes to greek wine making. Dimitris Chatzimihalis created the first winery in Greece 30 years ago. In 2.5 km acres of vineyards, they produce almost a million bottles per year. You can enjoy this experience to the fullest by attending the vineyard tours, or wine and cheese tasting events. Make sure you buy Raches Galanou wine, a special Bordeaux blend (Sauvignon-Merlot) or Kapnias with an intense flower and fruit aroma. 

Ktima Palivou, Nemea

ktoma palivou

The queen of wines is Nemea, so one of the best wineries in Athens, Greece can be found exactly there. Rent your ride from Kosmos Car Rental and enjoy a one-hour trip to visit Ktima Palivou, which is open all year round. It’s the second-biggest winery in the area while it was the first open for visitors. Indulge in tours in the vineyards and the winery, wine tastings, wine tasting seminars, meals that are accompanied by their wines, as well as trips around the area. Mr. Palivos is known for his hospitality, so maybe you’ll get the chance to meet him and guide you around the vineyard hills. Don’t forget to buy Petrines Plagies wine, a white bestseller wine, or Vyssinokipos and Nemea Palivou.

Ktima Avantis, Euvoia

ktima avantis

Central Euvoia is known for its premium vineyards, where the best technologies are applied into wine making. The winery of Apostolos and Lenga Mountriha produces best-selling wines that awe anyone. Ktima Avantis is being run for 22 years and has acquired several prizes in Greece and abroad. You can visit the winery upon request, take a tour in the vineyards and the wine barrels, as well as taste the amazing wines together with meals. Syrah Avantis, and Ktima Avantis wines must be packed for your way back home! Don’t miss them!

So, if you are spending a few days in Athens, make sure you plan a visit to the best wineries in Athens, Greece. It is certain that you will love the ride to get there, as the scenery of the greek countryside is marvelous. Write it down in your itinerary, rent a safe and comfortable car by the best car rental in Greece — Kosmos Car Rental, and get to experience the taste of the mediterranean Greek wines that are certain to amaze you.

What are you waiting for? Your best days in Athens are yet to come. We are sure you’ve heard it all before, Greece is a unique experience on its own, let alone the taste of the local products, such as wine.


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