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POSTED ON: MAY, 19 2021

Exploring the Best Greek Islands

Visiting the Greek islands is a whole experience worth having. If travelling runs in your veins, then you should definitely not miss the chance to visit and explore the magic that lies in the seas of Greece. Choosing the right Greek island guarantees a magical experience, painted in the color blue, scented with jasmine and tasting like olives. But, how are you going to choose the destination of your dreams and get to live the Greek myth? It all depends on your lifestyle, needs, and the activities you wish to experience in one of the Greek islands. Kos, Santorini, Ios, Naxos, Mykonos, or Corfu, all have to offer amazing moments for any interest and need!

Are you an adventurous person, or more on the laid-back side of life? Do you like sports, activities, or do you love to spend time with your significant other sipping cocktails at the beach and simply enjoying the sunset? Are you looking for a retreat to bond with your family and friends? Greek islands have to offer all of these and more! Just make sure you make the right pick. Keep reading to find out which the best Greek island is depending on your needs.

What is the best Greek island for a honeymoon?

Greek islands are all the hype when it comes to honeymoons! People from all over the world book Greek islands as their dream destination to spend some amazing days with the person they love, get to bond with them, and enjoy the calmness Greek islands have to offer. Romance is hidden everywhere—have you seen how the waters sparkle at night and the beautiful afternoon sun? Love enhanced in every single moment! 

what is the best greek island for a honeymoon
Santorini is one of the most visited places for a honeymoon in the world

If you want to pack a thousand experiences in a single trip, then discover which Greek island you wish to visit for your honeymoon! Some of the most popular Greek islands are Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Antiparos, Hydra, and Crete. First things first, they all have amazingly beautiful beaches that will satisfy you more than you can imagine. Some of them mix luxury with nightlife, while others are more subtle and discreet. However, you can easily set on an adventure and explore the islands by car, and get to witness the hidden gems that only locals know.

honeymoon santorini
Drink a glass of bubbly with your other half watching the sunshine

Your honeymoon is sacred. Newlyweds must look carefully at all the options they have ahead of them. Greece is one of the most romantic places you could visit. It is filled with Dionysian energy and spirituality that adds up to the natural beauty. Simple, yet charming, Greek islands are the real deal. You will be amazed by the value/cost ratio, as you can find literally everything at reasonable prices and fully enjoy yourself without any limitations.

greek island honeymoon
Have magnificent moments at the beach

Finding the best Greek island to party

Greek islands are not just famous for the amazing sandy beaches and crystal waters. They are very popular for their nightlife and endless partying. As Greece is the center of hospitality, the partying experience has to fulfil the expectations. The atmosphere is always cheerful and inviting, and you can choose between a great variety of music events, drinks and cocktails from dusk till dawn. 

finding the best greek island to part
Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos | Image Source

The possibilities of party events are endless, but which are the best Greek islands to party?

You can choose between the ever-famous Mykonos island, the capital of partying, to Rhodes for a toned-down experience. Santorini, Zakynthos, Ios, and Paros are also exceptional picks for unlimited fun and partying, too. 

mykonos party
Super Paradise in Mykonos | Image Source

Don’t think about it twice. Greek islands are the ideal places for partying in the whole of Europe. They are “shaking” each summer from wild crowds of party people. If you consider yourself to be a party animal, you should definitely choose a Greek island and experience the vibrant nightlife and restless dancing under the moon!

greek islands party
You will get to party all day long | Image Source

You can choose between huge nightclubs or bars that guarantee to entertain you in any way possible. If you are not a night owl, no worries! There are a variety of beach bars that plan beach parties during daytime or sunset parties where famous DJs from all over the world perform while you dance and enjoy your drinks with an amazing view. On top of that, smaller bars are always up to offer you some quality, luxurious fun and entertainment if you prefer your partying to be turned down a notch. 

Are you looking for the best Greek island for couples?

An island trip with your loved one sounds like a fantastic idea. How about planning a trip to the Greek islands? Some Greek islands guarantee an ultimate romantic experience!

best Greek island for couples
Have you thought to propose at a perfect scenery?

Greece offers amazing food, stunning beaches and scenery, as well as amazing properties. Greek islands are the perfect destination for all those couples who want to relax on these gorgeous beaches, taste amazing culinary dishes and explore the history of the place among ancient ruins. A quiet island getaway is all you need to share with your someone special, without missing out on the fun and adventure. 

Santorini, Rhodes, Paros, Naxos, Corfu and Mykonos are some of the most popular destinations to visit. Even though they have been associated with wild nightlife, they offer opportunities for high-quality relaxation, stunning beauty (wait until you see the sunset!), crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

greek island couples
Crystal clear water to enjoy

That’s the amazing thing about Greek islands—they can combine nightlife and quality vacations at the same time. So, even if you need some peace and quiet but you get in the mood for some clubbing, you can definitely do so without experiencing FOMO. On the other hand, if you are just looking for relaxation and time to bond with your loved one, you can avoid the busy island centres and enjoy all the beauty in smaller villages and quieter beaches.

santorini couples
Carefree vacation with your significant other

Going solo? Which are the best Greek islands for singles?

Although Greece is ideal for couples, families, or big groups of party animals and friends, it is truly an amazing destination for those who want to go solo! If you are single, or just wish to enjoy some self-time, Greek islands are the perfect place to visit.

the best Greek islands for singles
Santorini is a nice pick for solo travellers

It is scary to be travelling alone, especially if you are a female. You might have heard about the greek “kamaki” (greek men’s way of hitting on women) and it might intimidate you. But no, Greeks are keen on hospitality, make amazing jokes, laugh from the bottom of their hearts, and admire women so they want to praise their beauty. Locals are always friendly and willing to help tourists and adventure-seekers.

singles in greek islands
A safe destination for solo travellers

The best greek islands you can visit as a single are among others Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, Naxos, Zakynthos. They all offer picture-perfect beaches, vibrant nightlife, archaeological sites and ancient ruins to explore, extremely tasty culinary delights, and picturesque roads. Whether you want to party wild, or just enjoy yourself at the beach, it is certain that you will meet new people and have a vacation worth experiencing!

islands for solo travellers
Visit ancient ruins even when travelling solo

The possibilities are endless, whether you are seeking some alone time, or you are ready to mingle, Greek islands can guarantee holidays under the sun, full of smiles and good vibes! Don’t miss the chance to travel around the island of your choice and get to meet locals, unpopular beaches that are true gems, and indulge in the greek delicacies and local products.

Which is the best Greek island for beaches?

Those who visit the greek islands know exactly what the real deal is all about. Crystal waters, in dazzling colors ranging from aquamarine to emerald. The bright sun of the Mediterranean makes the waters sparkle and gives them a deep blue color, mostly enjoyed when viewed from the hills. If you walk around the shore, the waves give a turquoise tone that leaves everyone in awe.

elafonisi kriti
Elafonisi Crete | Image Source

Although Greek islands are famous for their amazing beaches, it is essential to point out that they offer excellent opportunities overall. It is true that all greek beaches are the number one reason why travellers choose greek islands. Usually, beaches attract enormous crowds of tourists during the summer months. Book your spot on one of Greece’s amazing beaches and enjoy lounge chairs, showers, changing rooms, restaurants, bars and traditional tavernas to enjoy local delicacies.

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia
Myrtos Beach | Image Source

Between June and September, fun-seekers go to Mykonos, Corfu, or Zakynthos, popular for their vibrant nightlife, while others opt for a more relaxing experience. In Kefalonia or Lefkada, you can enjoy some quiet time, rejuvenate yourself in more secluded beaches that are seductively gorgeous. Some of the beaches you might want to visit are:

  • Elaffonisi beach in Crete
  • Super Paradise in Mykonos
  • Glyfada Beach in Corfu
  • Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia
  • Kato Lakkos in Karpathos
  • Porto Katsiki in Lefkada
  • Kolimbithres in Paros
  • Agali Beach in Folegandros

porto katsiki
Porto Katsiki Beach | Image Source

Planning a trip to the best Greek islands for families

Why are the greek islands renowned for being a breath of fresh air? It’s simple. If you have experienced life by these gorgeous beaches, you know that days are slow-paced, simple, but at the same time extraordinarily beautiful. While most people have busy and stressful schedules, Greek islands offer an oasis to wind down when things get hectic. Of course, this can bring a family closer together and give them a chance to bond further and create valuable memories to remember for a lifetime.

best Greek islands for families
A safe place to visit with your family

Every single one of the Greek islands has something unique to offer. You can choose among 227 greek islands to spend your holidays with your family. This is why you can never go wrong with your choice. It doesn’t hurt, however, to do a bit of research before making your decision. It’s essential if you’re bringing your kids with you! Which are the best greek islands for families, and what do they offer?

The most famous Greek islands, like Mykonos and Paros, are known for their hip and fun vibes, vibrant nightlife, but not only. They also offer great facilities, sandy beaches, retreats, and unlimited culinary options that fit the needs of a family. Mykonos is adored by celebrities, it is the heart of the Aegean Sea, and promotes luxury, elegance, and a fashion-forward attitude. Other quieter islands for those who seek peace and a hippie lifestyle that will help them rewind among locals are Crete, Corfu, Milos, and Lefkada

No matter your choice, you will definitely be delighted by the beautiful scenery, the luscious beaches, and sparkling waters of the Greek islands. Each of these islands has local delicacies you shouldn’t miss, as well as archaeological sites and ancient ruins to explore with your kids for a bit of knowledge building, too!

Exploring the best Greek islands for hiking

The ever-famous and fascinating Greek islands are mostly known for their unlimited vacation opportunities in amazing beaches, luscious sceneries, and extraordinary culinary dishes. Even if they are popular for their sunny beaches and clear, blue waters, they are also a favorite destination for activity enthusiasts. A big number of Greek islands have outdoor activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkelling, and more. What about hiking?

best Greek islands for hiking
If you like hiking Greece is the perfect place to visit

Hikers seem to choose the Greek islands for their walking trips as this form of tourism has grown significantly over the last years. The islands offer sign-posting routes, maps, organized tours, often combined with stops at archaeological sites or spots of geological, natural or architectural interest. If you are drawn to this kind of activity, get the chance to visit a Greek island and enjoy deserted villages, galleries, amazing views and scenery!

hiking at greek islands
The Samaria Gorge in Crete is the most famous trekking gorge in Europe

Some of the most chosen islands for hiking in Greece are Crete, Andros, Aegina, Sifnos, Evoia, Amorgos, Kefalonia, and Santorini. Hiking trails have been used for many years now. These natural paths have been formed by people and animals crossing the islands, mostly horses and donkeys carrying essentials from one place to another. Today, they are not used for practical purposes but give the chance to hiking lovers to enjoy the vibe of the Greek islands to the fullest, being as close to nature as possible, and witness for themselves the rich biodiversity of the place.

Which is the most luxurious Greek island?

Greece in its entity is characterized by indescribable beauty, jaw-dropping sceneries and locations, unique cuisine, local products, and many more. It’s impossible to have missed details about the history, culture, and biodiversity of Greece, too. Overall, it is the ideal destination for any traveller. However, the Greek islands are the true showstoppers when it comes to spending your summer holidays in the warm sun and sandy, crystal blue beaches.

most luxurious Greek island
If you want to spoil yourself with some luxury vacation Mykonos is the No1 destination to consider

All of the islands in the Greek seas offer a fantastic opportunity to enjoy phenomenal vacations that will remain in your heart and memory forever. However, a plus is an enormous luxury associated with greek islands and the elegance that comes with them. So, which are the most luxurious Greek islands where you can spend high-quality holidays?

greece luxury
Do you want to watch the breathtaking view of Santorini from a pool?

In Mykonos, you can enjoy the minimalistic architecture of the Chora, and discover its unique energy and vibe. It is the favorite celebrity destination, as it is the center of fashion, fun, and luxurious lifestyle. Have you heard of the Mykonian nightlife? Enjoy premium cocktails in high-end summer bars with the most amazing view, and endless dancing from dusk till dawn.

luxury islands in greece
You should also consider Renting a yatch and going to the Ionian

Santorini is also a popular luxury destination for your summer holidays in Greece. The experience of staying in a luxury hotel in the famous caldera is unique and unforgettable. The volcanic cliffs and the most famous sunset in the world in Oia, are breathtaking and you will keep on asking for more elegant experiences like this. 

Which are the best quiet Greek islands?

The magical experience of spending your summer vacations in Greece has been awed for many years now. The turquoise, sparkly waters, the warm sun, the magnificent scenery and biodiversity of the Greek islands are a favorite destination for travellers of all ages and interests. It is true that Greek islands are known for their very vivid life, friendly locals, outstanding cuisine, as well as amazing nightlife opportunities. The beaches are filled with crowds every summer, and bars, restaurants and local tavernas serve the travellers non-stop.

best quiet Greek islands
Elafonisi in Pelloponisos

But what if you are looking for something different, something quieter and more relaxing without compromising on the beauty, the hospitality and holiday opportunities? Among the most popular islands, there are some quieter that fit your needs. Get to experience a deeply calming vacation under the warm sun, enjoy the crystal clear waters and taste all the amazing delicacies.

laid back greek islands
Navagio in Zakynthos

Lemnos, Ithaca, Donousa, Ikaria, Folegandros, Amorgos, and Kythera are some of the best choices if you are looking for laid-back holiday destinations. They are suitable for all age groups and offer a variety of activities without the frenzy, party animals prefer. The beauty is stunning. Each of these places looks like heaven, the perfect retreat for those who are seeking calmness and relaxation. In Amorgos, for example, you may find Yoga retreats in luxurious facilities. In Ikaria, don’t forget to hike and enjoy the lush green sloped with dramatic rocky areas. Ikaria is also known as a place where lifespans are much longer than the average. 

chill greek islands
Immerge yourself in the blue waters and forget everything

Whatever your choice, you will be amazed by the endless beauty of the Greek islands, achieve peace of mind and unlimited facilities and opportunities that speak directly to your heart. Smiles are guaranteed!

Are you a foodie? Check the best Greek island for food experiences

Greeks believe that love finds its way through the stomach, but what does that mean? Someone with a full belly is a happy person! It is highly possible that most of you, if not all, agree with this statement. To Greeks, food is a way of life. It is essential for the food to be tasty, abundant and made to satisfy you to the fullest. They don’t joke about it—they never miss the chance to cook, bake and… eat! “Mezes” (hors d'oeuvre) is strictly connected to the greek culture, so you will always find them eating and drinking all day long. It’s more than a human need, it’s their lifestyle!

So, if you are one of those who really want to experience the Greek delicacies as much as possible, whether they are traditional dishes in tavernas, mezes, or sophisticated in high-class restaurants, the Greek islands are the perfect place to visit!

Which are the best Greek islands that offer such opportunities?

Even if the answer can be literally all, here’s a list with must-visit Greek islands for a complete foodie adventure:

  • Crete for traditional greek food: Taste kochlioi(snails), dakos, and kaltsounia while sipping at raki, and don’t forget to try goat stew and pilaf.

Ntakos | Image Source

  • Naxos excels in comfort food: The natural flavors of Naxos include famous dishes like sefoukloti pie, provatses, and giachnada. Don’t miss the local cheese of Naxos, graviera.

graviera naxou
Graviera Naxou | Image Source

  • Corfu’s fusion gastronomy: Mandoles, pastitsada, and porpetas are the most popular dishes you’ll get to taste. Corfu’s dishes are a blend of French, Italian, and English cuisines.

pastitsada kerkya
Pastitsada | Image Source

  • Santorini’s rich tavernas: Experience local delicacies to the fullest. Don’t miss fava and revithada.
  • Sifnos offers sweeter flavors: The local cheeses like manoura and ksinomizithra can’t be missed! What’s most popular in Sifnos? Of course, the almond sweets, amydgalota, which you can find in most bakeries.

Greece: Surf experiences among greek islands

Amongst the surfers, Greek islands are becoming one of the most popular destinations. They go there to ride the waves and enjoy the warm sun and gorgeous waters of Greece. Even though these islands have been the hot spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing for a while, more and more surf fans seek adventure in the Greek islands.

Why is that and which are the most famous surf greek islands?

ikaria surf school
Ikaria Surf School | Image Source

Greek islands offer plenty of favorable conditions for surfing as there are winding shores, natural currents and extremely safe seas. Also, every summer there is a phenomenon called “meltemia” which are frequent summer winds that make surfing possible. In the last years, many surfing clubs have started operating in islands like Ikaria and Tinos, and tons of people trust the experts and coaches to teach them how to surf. Moreover, these clubs organize surfing tours around the islands and offer valuable benefits at reasonable prices.

Surf experiences among greek islands
Paros is one of the most popular Greek islands for windsurfing

So, why don’t you take advantage of the gorgeous seas and beaches of the Greek islands and enjoy your surfing sessions under the bright, golden sun of Greece? Do some research about the most popular surfing spots and dare to ask locals for tips and advice. When is the best season to book your surfing trip and which location is better for your level? Western Crete is also a favorite surfing destination that comes with more opportunities besides surfing. The local cuisine is extraordinary, Cretans are very friendly and hospitable, and the scenery breathtaking! There’s also a vibrant nightlife for those who never get tired and want to spice up their nights before the morning surfing session!

surf in Greece
If you like kitesurfing there are a lot of Greek Islands you can visit

Karpathos, Lemnos and Kos are also growing in popularity when it comes to surfing. Consider visiting these islands if you are more laid-back as a person, and enjoy peace and quiet. Turquoise waters and golden sand are guaranteed, but make sure there are surfing schools in the area so that you know if you need to pack your own equipment or not.


After reading our complete guide now you know which islands you should visit depending on your goals. There is no one size fit answer when you are trying to decide on which island you want to visit. Make your research and get prepared to have a great time. No matter the choice you take, make sure to travel safely and respect the local communities. Check on all the paperwork you need in order to visit Greece depending on where you live and have fun. If you have any questions hit us up in the comments section and we will try to reply ASAP.

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